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Alpha Buying Company are the professional buyers of jewellery, gold, silver, watches, gemstones, antiques and diamonds. We offer professional and convenient services to the customers. We are operating as jewellery consultants an agents in buying and selling of different kinds of jewellery and watches. We are located in the heart of Sydney.

If you wish to sell your jewellery and watches, then Alpha buying company will provide you with best services in buying your jewellery and watches in Sydney. We as the professional consultants helps companies and individual traders in purchasing diamonds and major jewellery items. Our other services includes valuing stocks for sale and audit, assist in valuation of the stock for liquidation and acts as agents of pawn broking organizations. We usually charge our clients with either a commission or an hourly rate.

Best Watch Buyers Sydney

Selling your jewellery is an easy job compared to selling a watch you own. You may possibly be able to sell your watch, but there is a possibility that you may not be able to sell it for an adequate price. Therefore, apart from buying jewellery for and from our customers, we also offer our services as one of the best watch buyers Sydney. If you have a valuable watch and wish to sell them, we may entertain your wish and in return give you a handsome amount for your precious watch. We mostly deal in buying classic and branded watches like the Omega, Cartier, Rolex, Zenith, Rado, Tissota, Longines, Patek Philippe and many more. We as one of the best buyers of watches in Sydney, assists our clients with buying your classic watches by directly dealing with a professional, practicing Gemologist. We also respect the privacy of our clients and their belongings. If we are not able to buy your watch, we will guide you to sell it to an alternate.

Watch Buyers Sydney - The reasons you may find attractive in choosing our services includes:

  • We recognize valuations and gem certificates from Gem study Laboratory (Sydney, Australia) and Bauer Gemologist laboratories (Melbourne, Australia). 
  • We don't disclose any confidential information to third parties.
  • Easy accessible, as we lie in the heart of Sydney.
  • We try our level best to offer our clients with best prices.
  • If unable to buy from our clients, we will still be able to assist our clients by finding them some alternate dealers.

We will assure you that you would be very glad by accepting our offers and will not find buyers of your precious items, like jewellery, gold, diamond and watches, in Sydney as good as Alpha Buying Co.

We recommend that before visiting us you should make an appointment, so that we may evaluate the item you like to sell, in order to save your precious time. If you are unsure about the price of your watch or jewellery, we recommend that you should first take some market research. We will try to deliver you with best offers and services, as compared to rest of the buyers in Sydney.

Watch Buyers Sydney